Technical SEO

We improve the technical SEO of your website to get more users from search engines.

SEO And Improvement Websites

We improve the technical SEO of your website to get a better location in search engine results by considering Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.

Technical SEO

Clear Report Of The Current Status Of Your Website

At every specified time of our services, we provide clear reports of the current situation.

Fix Google Search Console Errors

We check your search console errors and fix the errors to improve your search results.

Make Standard Sitemap.xml And Robots.txt

We create the best sitemap and robots file for your website.

Config SSL Of Your Website

We use and config a standard ssl and set needed redirects on your website.

Improve Your Website Speed

Increase and improve your website speed by considering Google and GTMetrix standards.

Improve And Decrease Size Of Images

Change image format and decrease their size by the best solutions.

Check And Improve Your Links Structure

Improve structure of links your website and redirect previous links.

Use Structured Data And Schema

Check your web page tags and use structured data to improve your pages for google crawlers.

Use CDN Solutions

Use a standard CDN to improve speed and load of your website.

These are just some of the goal setting that any website needed. In general, we will review the problems of your website and suggest solutions for you to do.

Zarrafeh Process To Help You
To Develop Your Business

First level of zarrafeh web design process
Check Current Status And Free Consultation

Our professional team checks the current status of your business and provides the best solutions for developing your business.

Second level of zarrafeh web design process
Planning and implementation of solutions

We make a good and applicable plan by considering the current status of your business and do theirs by our best.

Third level of zarrafeh web design process
Provide Reports And Support

We provide reports in any part of the work. Also, we don't leave you alone after services and we support you to make the best decisions.

Zarrafeh Web Design Free Consultation
Do You Need Help?

We are helping to you with love to develop your business.